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Report 3a of the 29 Jul 02 meeting of the Remuneration Subcommittee and discusses the key dates for the forthcoming recruitment and selection of ACPO officers.

Warning: This is archived material and may be out of date. The Metropolitan Police Authority has been replaced by the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (MOPC).

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ACPO recruitment 2002

Report: 3a
Date: 29 July 2002
By: Clerk


This report informs Members of the key dates for the forthcoming recruitment and selection of ACPO officers.

The report also contains information on the number of ACPO positions that will become vacant in the next 12 months. This is to inform discussion and seek agreement on the number of positions to be advertised.

A. Recommendations

That the Sub-Committee notes this information and agrees the number of positions to be advertised.

B. Supporting information


1. The Senior Appointments Panel (SAP) wrote to all police authorities in May 2002 requesting proposals for dates in the ‘traditional’ national recruitment exercise for commanders/assistant chief constables that follows the end of the Senior Command Course (SCC). The 2002 course ends on 20 September 2002. SAP also requested information on other ACPO rank vacancies and proposals to carry out recruitment exercises this year.

2. SAP stipulated that in respect of the recruitment of commanders, there was to be a minimum of 28 working days between the end of the SCC and interviews for commander so that they could:

  • produce the necessary reports for applicants (e.g. HMI assessments)
  • obtain ministerial approval

3. On this basis SAP would only consider proposals for interviews from 1 November 2002. The Clerk wrote to SAP proposing that the MPA should be placed “towards the middle of the national timetable”.

The following dates were put forward:

  • 24 October 2002, for short listing
  • 11 and 12 November 2002, for interviewing

4. The rationale for arguing for a middle slot was:

  • it was accepted that small forces with a small compliment of ACPO officers should be given early slots as they were less able to accommodate vacancies;
  • operational policing demands of the capital are such that the MPS should not have to carry ACPO vacancies for too long and therefore should not be placed towards the end of the timetable.

The projection given to SAP regarding vacancies was that it was likely to be around six. At this stage SAP has not confirmed dates. An informal enquiry has indicated that SAP is likely to agree to the MPA proposals.

Deputy Assistant Commissioners (DACs)

5. The Clerk also proposed to SAP that recruitment of DACs should take place as follows:

  • 24 October, for short listing
  • 25 October, for interviewing

The reasons given to SAP for placing DAC recruitment close to that of commanders, were that: the DAC recruitment will inform commander recruitment and running the two exercises together would reduce costs. The projection given to SAP, regarding vacancies was that it was likely to be around two.

Assistant Commissioner

6. The Clerk informed SAP that the Authority was still in discussion with the Commissioner regarding how to deal with succession at AC level due to the imminent departure of AC Michael Todd.

Key Dates

7. In order to comply with the above proposals for DAC and commander recruitment the following will be the key dates:

  • Place advertisement with agency: 23 August 2002
  • Advertisement published in Police Review 30 August 2002
  • Closing date for applications 20 September 2002
  • SAP meeting 7 October 2002 (to consider applicants)

Number of Vacancies

8. A list of ACPO officers (according to the agreed BWT of 38) is provided at Appendix 1.

9. Appendix 2 (which contains exempt information and is sent to Members only) indicates the number of vacancies that will arise from known resignations, early retirements and the expiry of fixed term agreements over the next 12 months.

10. The analysis indicates:

  • 1 vacancy at AC level;
  • 2 vacancies at DAC level;
  • 3 vacancies at commander level.

C. Financial implications

The advertising cost is estimated at £7,500.

D. Background papers


E. Contact details

Report author: Graham Spencer, HR Services, MPA.

For information contact:

MPA general: 020 7202 0202
Media enquiries: 020 7202 0217/18

Appendix 1: MPS ACPO List 1 July 2002

Commissioner’s Office

Sir John
Suzanna Becks (Chief of Staff Commissioner's Office) and Hugh Orde (Northern Ireland Enquiry).

3: Commissioner 2 DAC

Deputy Commissioner’s Command

Ian Blair
Mike Fuller (Drugs Policy and Co-ordination), Andy Hayman (Professional Standards).
Philip Hogan (Professional Standards), Ronald McPherson (Communications), Cresida Dick (Diversity Directorate) and Stephen Otter (Police Reform Project).

7: Deputy Commissioner 2 DAC 4 Commander

Territorial Policing

Mike Todd
Tim Godwin (Deputy to AC TP) and Andy Trotter Borough Commander Westminster
Bob Quick (TP Crime), Jonathan Kay (TP Security), Brian Paddick (TP Performance/ Safer Streets), Michael Messinger (Pan London Policing), Alan Shave (Transport OCU), Richard Bryan (North West), Duncan Croll (North East), Shabir Hussein (South West) and Robert Broadhurst (South East).

12: 1 Assistant Commissioner 2 DAC 9 Commander

Specialist Operations (SO)

David Veness
Peter Clarke (SO13 Anti- Terrorist Squad), Barbara wilding (Security SO10, 11,12,14,16,17), Bill Griffiths (Serious Crime Group) and Carole Howlett (Child Protection, Climbie Enquiry SO5).
David Armond (SCG West SO1 (2) Specialist Crime Unit SO6), Alan Brown (Trident, Serious & Organised Crime SO7, Force Firearms Unit SO19), Andre Baker (SCG East SO1 (3), and South SO1 (4)), Roger Pearce (Covert ops, Intelligence SO10&11 Special Branch (SO12)) and Kevin O’Connell (Royalty and Diplomatic Protection, Palace of Westminster).

10: 1 Assistant Commissioner 4 DAC 5 Commander

Policy, Review and Standards (PRS)

Tarique Ghaffur
Stephen House (Deputy to AC PRS)
Stephen Roberts (Youth Justice)

3: 1 Assistant Commissioner 1 DAC 1 Commander

Directorate of Human Resources

Bernard Hogan-Howe
Peter Loughborough Head of Training

2 1 Assistant Commissioner 1 Commander

Directorate of Resources

Alan Given (Budget Saving Team)

1 Commander

Total 38: Commissioner Deputy Commissioner 4 ACs 11 DACs 21 Commanders

Secondments (supernumerary)

Graham James (Immigration Service) and David Wood (NI Police Ombudsman Office)
Martin Gerrard (Prison Service, retires 25 August 2002)

Appendix 2

Appendix 2 of the report on ACPO appointments is confidential.

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