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Warning: This is archived material and may be out of date. The Metropolitan Police Authority has been replaced by the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (MOPC).

See the MOPC website for further information.

Project summary - Hate Crime Forum

Met Partners imageProject name: Hate Crime Forum

MPA lead officer: Bennett Obong

Met Forward work strand: Met Partners

Project summary

The remit of the new Hate Crime Forum includes age, gender, race, disability, religion/belief, sexual orientation and transgender issues.

Through developing the focus of the HCF the MPA will visibly demonstrate its commitment to equality across all strands as part of its scrutiny process. The work of this board should enhance public confidence in the policing response and in the MPA holding the MPS to account for service delivery.

Project objectives

  • Monitor and review the work of the Metropolitan Police Service in tackling and reducing hate crime and in supporting the victims of those crimes.
  • Ensure all diversity strands are included as part of on-going scrutiny.
  • Identify good practice from other police authorities, police services and their partners and advise on the improvement of the effectiveness with which the MPS responds to hate crimes.
  • Oversee and scrutinise the MPS.
  • Improve the coordination and partnership arrangements between the MPS and key agencies responsible for supporting hate crime victims and dealing with perpetrators.
  • Ensure consistency of service delivery across all London boroughs through the oversight and scrutiny of performance.
  • Make recommendations for the improvement of MPS work on all of the above and on all matters related to the effective policing and community safety in the area of hate crime.
  • To contribute to the delivery of the three key outcomes of Met Forward – fight crime and reduce criminality, increase confidence in policing and give us better value for money.

Authority’s role to deliver work strand

The MPA will be responsible for developing the HCF and ensuring there is the right level of representation to support the overview and scrutiny of the MPS.

What will success look like?

The HCF will provide a forum for active debate, with the right stakeholder representation from a wide variety of agencies, to hold the MPS to account for delivery on services to support victims and witnesses, investigation and detection of crime.

The MPA will be working with the MPS to ensure innovative ways are adopted to encourage reporting.

Responsible MPA committee

This work strand will be delivered through the HCF, and is accountable to Communities, Equalities and People Committee.

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