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Warning: This is archived material and may be out of date. The Metropolitan Police Authority has been replaced by the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (MOPC).

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Project summary - Violence Against Women and rape

Met Partners imageProject name: Violence Against Women and rape

MPA Lead officer: Lynne Abrams

Met Specialist imageMet Forward work strands: Met Partners and Met Specialist

Project summary

To ensure that all areas of Violence Against Women (VAW), including rape, are being consistently monitored by the MPA and that we are undertaking our responsibilities and overseeing those of the MPS as outlined in the Mayoral Violence Against Women Strategy. This includes the ongoing scrutiny undertaken by the MPA Domestic and Sexual Violence Board (DSVB).

Project objectives

  • Ongoing and effective monitoring by the MPA of the MPS response to domestic and sexual violence, and violence against women through the MPA DSVB.
  • To ensure violence against women is represented across the relevant MPA committee work plans.
  • To ensure that the recommendations made in the MPA Domestic and Sexual Violence Annual Report 2009-2010 are progressed and monitored through the DSVB.
  • To ensure, through our oversight and scrutiny function that any increase in trafficking for the purposes of sexual exploitation in relation to the 2012 Olympic Games is controlled and minimised.
  • To contribute to the delivery of the three key outcomes of Met Forward – fight crime and reduce criminality, increase confidence in policing and give us better value for money.

Authority’s role to deliver work strand

The MPA is responsible for the delivery of the work of the DSVB. There is a planned series of meetings and ongoing communication with MPS and key stakeholders.

  • Bi-monthly DSVB meetings, with bespoke borough action plans
  • Quarterly Violence Against Women briefings for members and staff
  • DSVB annual report on MPS practice including recommendations for improvement.
  • Regular reports to Communities, Equalities and People Committee and Strategic and Operational Policing Committee looking at SCD2, SCD9, and issues identified such as multiple perpetrator rape and involvement of girls in serious youth violence.

What will success look like?

MPA members should be satisfied that the continued process of monitoring violence against women activity at the MPS is robust and efficient. Through our scrutiny and oversight function the MPA will be able identify key and emerging trends, service improvement and good and developing practice. We will work with the MPS to improve the quality of service offered to victims and to reduce repeat victimisation. More importantly however the public will be better informed about services available to them.

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