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This section provides information about the Morris independent inquiry into professional standards and employment matters in the Metropolitan Police Service.

Warning: This is archived material and may be out of date. The Metropolitan Police Authority has been replaced by the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (MOPC).

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The Morris Inquiry

Independent inquiry into professional standards and employment matters in the Metropolitan Police Service

The Morris Inquiry published its report on 14 December 2004.

Inquiry launched into professional standards and employment matters in the Metropolitan Police

Morris Inquiry press release: 21 January 2004

The independent inquiry into professional standards and employment matters in the Metropolitan Police Service, commissioned by the Metropolitan Police Authority, was formally launched today.

The Morris Inquiry, chaired by Sir Bill Morris, recently retired General Secretary of the Transport and General Workers Union, will be conducted independently of the MPA and the inquiry report and recommendations will be published at the same time they are presented to the Authority.

Sir Bill said:

"The Metropolitan Police Service is the shop window of British law enforcement agencies and its professional standards and workplace relationships must be a beacon for others to follow and a model of best practice.

"The focus of this Inquiry is the MPS and not one or two high profile cases. The Inquiry is about professional standards and workplace issues, it is not about race and community policing but in order to enjoy trust and confidence a modern police force needs to reflect the community it serves."

David Blunkett, Home Secretary, said:

"I am pleased that the Metropolitan Police Authority took the initiative to appoint the inquiry and to appoint such a strong team to conduct it. This is precisely the kind of leadership that the Government is looking to police authorities to show, to hold their police forces effectively to account, and to ensure that important and difficult issues are properly addressed."

Toby Harris, Metropolitan Police Authority Chair, said:

"The MPA commissioned this independent inquiry because of our concerns about perceptions held of unfairness, disproportionality and discrimination in the way some employment matters are investigated.

“Integrity is fundamental if the police service is to have the confidence of the public and corruption and wrong-doing will not be tolerated, but internal investigations must be fair and be seen to be fair. The Morris Inquiry will help the Authority and the MPS identify the actions needed to bring about lasting improvements. We await its findings and recommendations.”

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir John Stevens said:

"This inquiry provides a timely opportunity to review various misconduct and employment processes and regulations that clearly need reforming to reflect the reality of 21st century policing.

"We will share our experiences with the inquiry and present them with the recognised good practice that we have recently developed in this difficult area.

"I also want to encourage all of our officers to take the opportunity to contribute to this process by making their views, concerns and ideas known to the panel. This will enable the inquiry to come forward with a fresh perspective and new insight which is fully informed by all of those with an interest in bringing about much needed change."

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