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Gun crime - Stand up and stamp down on murder

The MPA would like to thank everyone who came along and contributed to the public meeting on Friday 28 February 2003. The speakers were informative, the discussions lively and a frank exchange of views took place.Image of public asking questions at gun crime event

Most importantly everyone expressed a real determination to stand up and make their voice count in a concerted effort to find answers to the problem of gun crime on our streets.

MPA public meeting on gun crimes

28 February 2003

The Metropolitan Police Authority hosted a public meeting to address the issue of gun crimes in communities. On the evening we were joined by members of the public, the Home Office, Metropolitan Police Service, Central Government Representatives, key Community Representatives and many others.

It provided the opportunity to listen to the issues and concerns of local communities, young people, parents, community leaders and representatives and to consider our approach to enabling and supporting communities in the fight against the increase in gun violence.

Image of Toby Harris, Lord Falconer, Doctah X and Lee JasperMembers of the public had the opportunity to share their experiences, inform policy makers and organisations, raise issues and propose actions that can be taken.

The leaflet provided at the event and the programme for the event are detailed below.

Leaflet: Stand up & stamp down on murder! - opening up the debate on gun crime

The text from the leaflet is shown below and a PDF version of the leaflet is also available (see supporting material).

Gun crime destroys lives

Gun crime destroys and devastates the lives of victims and their families, and brings fear and intimidation to our communities.

In 2002 the Metropolitan Police seized more than 1,000 firearms and imitation firearms.

During the same period, firearms offences increased by 38 per cent and the MPS charged 782 people with violent crimes where a firearm was used or carried.

Partnership builds hope

Communities, public, private and voluntary sectors, faith groups, special interest groups and the police can and do make a difference when they join in partnership.

Joint community and local authority responses to gun crime such as ‘Not Another Drop’ in Brent have been successful in reducing shootings.

Gun crimes are among the most serious and violent offences that can be committed. They wreak havoc and wreck lives, and often lead to murder.

Victims and their families are not the only ones to suffer – whole communities become traumatised. Last year in London there were more than 4,000 gun crime incidents, 1,300 more than the previous year. Young men aged 18 - 20 are mostly likely to be victims.

It is time to take action. It is time to work together to drive guns off our streets and from our neighbourhoods. No one measure or agency can combat the increase in gun crimes. But each new idea or initiative builds on the work already underway by many agencies and individuals.

We all agree that we must tackle the problem, and that we need to divert our children and young people away from the gang and gun culture.

The Metropolitan Police Authority and Government Office for London are inviting others to join with us to open up the debate on standing up and stamping down on the gun culture and the murders that so often result.

Bullets can kill anyone

Bullets don’t recognise colour, class or age and the community safety issues that arise are a major challenge for us all.

Gun crime happens on our streets among the communities that make up our diverse city. We will harness those experiences and work in partnership with all agencies to cut gun crime.

We will listen to the concerns of our young people and help build alternatives to the gang and gun culture.

We must organise to take guns off our streets and dissuade young people from carrying guns and imitation firearms as fashion accessories and status symbols.

“Far too many of our young people are becoming victims of the gun craze.”
Cindy Butts, MPA

“All too often a gun is fired and someone’s life is ended – let’s stop this madness”
Lucy Cope, Mothers Against Guns!

Ideas so far…

  • Development of new and exciting activities for young people to keep them away from gun culture and anti-social behaviour
  • Multi-agency publicity campaign to dissuade youngsters from becoming involved in gangs, guns or violent crime
  • Mediation services to prevent inter-gang rivalry which results in shootings on our streets
  • Support police, schools, teachers, social services, parents and others to work with children to support them
  • Mentoring for those children and youngsters excluded from school or their Community
  • Empowering local communities to play a greater role in reducing gun crime
  • A formal MPA scrutiny into gun crime starting in April. The scrutiny will review key policing strategies and tactics as well as inviting partners in London to submit views on the best way forward

Image of public in debate at gun crime eventHelp us find the answers!

If you want to join the debate and help us find solutions to the increase in gun crimes, you can contact the manager of the scrutiny:

Metropolitan Police Authority
10 Dean Farrar Street

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Fax: 020 7202 0200
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