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This Members page contains details of the Chief Executive to the Authority, who is part of the MPA Senior Management Team.

Warning: This is archived material and may be out of date. The Metropolitan Police Authority has been replaced by the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (MOPC).

See the MOPC website for further information.

Chief Executive to the Authority

Photograph of Catherine CrawfordThis position is held by Catherine Crawford.

The Chief Executive to the Authority is head of the paid organisation. Her role is to establish working arrangements in the broadest sense which enable the MPA to discharge its responsibilities in respect of:

  • the policing budget;
  • obtaining ‘best value’ through securing an efficient and effective police force for the Metropolitan Police District;
  • holding the Commissioner to account;
  • appointing ACPO officers;
  • fulfilling the disciplinary role;
  • public consultation and partnership arrangements as required by various statutes;
  • monitoring, probing and supporting the MPS in its response to policing problems including - critically at present - the debate around diversity and policing style.

To be successful, the Chief Executive to the Authority needs to ensure high quality staff are appointed to well-designed jobs and that effective support is given to the Members of the Authority in all areas. MPA members are expected to play an active role in evaluating the activities of the MPS and in shaping the Policing Plan. The Chief Executive to the Authority and her staff have to serve as brokers between the Commissioner and his senior staff, MPA Members, the Mayor of London (and his staff) and the Home Office.

In all respects, high levels of confidence between MPA members and their staff will be required; broad agreement must be established on the ‘operating model’ for the MPA, and in the medium term the MPA must be seen to deliver value in helping to shape, monitor and support the MPS.


Joined the Home Office in September 1970,  and held various posts in the Criminal Department , Prison Service and personnel, before leaving the civil service to become the founding executive director of the new national Association of Police Authorities in 1997. In December 2000, Catherine became the first Clerk to the Metropolitan Police Authority.

Contact details

Catherine Crawford
Chief Executive to the Authority
Metropolitan Police Authority
10 Dean Farrar Street

Tel: 020 7202 0202
Fax: 020 7202 0200
Minicom: 020 7202 0173
Chief Executive to the Authority's contact number for urgent business: 020 7202 0204

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