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This is report 1b from the 15 February 2011 meeting of the Domestic and Sexual Violence Board, Westminster follow up report.

Warning: This is archived material and may be out of date. The Metropolitan Police Authority has been replaced by the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (MOPC).

See the MOPC website for further information.

Westminster follow up report

Report: 1b
Report for the Domestic and Sexual Violence Board
Date: 15 February 2011

  • Westminster BOCU to confirm there have been no repeat cautions for domestic violence
    From the data available I am unable to identify any repeat cautions, I have extended the parameters to include up to today. This needs a slight caveat with regard to data accuracy, if a flag is incorrectly inserted then we may miss one, but this is unlikely
  • Westminster BOCU to update the DSVB on any action taken to tackle the low number of unsupported prosecutions (see Lambeth follow up report)
    The monitoring of the unsupported prosecutions is ongoing. On key issues was the difficulties in tracking such cases through the CJ system, there is not method of flagging them as such. This issue is being addressed as part of a wider review of the DV court process, following the introduction of the LCJP London Mainstream Model. CW Public Protection Group remain committed to ensuring the most appropriate case disposal option and are aware of the ability/need to progress unsupported prosecutions, we will keep this under review.
  • Westminster BOCU and Westminster SCD2 to feedback on the impact of intrusive supervision around LGBT flagging
    Re the LGBT issues, I am lost on the original context if I am honest. We have had an increase in reporting, underpinned by the work of the CW equalities unit.
  • Westminster to outline how the Safer Westminster Partnership worked together to mainstream services and protect them from cuts in grant funding
    Regarding DV service provisions and the impact on funding, final funding provisions are still being decided at the time of writing. That said the MARAC co-ordinator, the Sanctuary Scheme and IDVA are all provisionally protected, albeit Sanctuary may have a reduced scope.

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