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Warning: This is archived material and may be out of date. The Metropolitan Police Authority has been replaced by the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (MOPC).

See the MOPC website for further information.

The Policing Pledge - our promise to the public

The Home Secretary announced on 29 June 2010 that the government was discontinuing the national Policing Pledge which outlines the standards of service the public could expect from their local police service.

This will enable us to redefine the key standards that the police in London work to achieve, moving away from a generic national pledge to a more tailored set of standards that recognise the unique character of London and its communities. New customer service standards are now being developed by the MPA and the MPS.

The Policing Pledge

Whenever you come into contact with the MPS, you have the right to expect a professional service that meets your needs. The MPS deal with a wide range of enquiries from people. Some are straightforward and can be settled immediately over the phone or at a police station, while others may need further investigation or specialist expertise. The Policing Pledge sets out the standards of service you can expect, whatever reason you have to contact us.

We promise to treat you fairly, with dignity and respect, and to make sure that everyone has access to our service.

Our pledge commitments

Our main pledge commitments are:

Pledge 1 - We will always treat you fairly, with dignity and respect, ensuring you have fair access to our services at a time that is reasonable and suitable to you.

Pledge 2 - We will ensure your Safer Neighbourhood Team and other police patrols are visible and on your patch at times when they will be most effective and when you tell us you most need them. We will ensure your team are not taken away from neighbourhood business more than is absolutely necessary. They will spend at least 80% of their time visibly working in your neighbourhood, tackling your priorities. Staff turnover will be minimised.

Pledge 3 - We will provide you with information so you know who your dedicated Safer Neighbourhood Team is, where they are based, how to contact them and how to work with them.

Pledge 4 - We will respond to every message directed to your Safer Neighbourhood Team within 24 hours and, where necessary, provide a more detailed response as soon as we can.

Pledge 5 - We will aim to answer 999 calls within 10 seconds.

Pledge 6 - We will deploy to emergencies immediately giving an estimated time of arrival, getting to you safely, and as quickly as possible. We will aim to get to you within 12 minutes.

Pledge 7 - We will answer all non-emergency calls promptly. If attendance is needed, send a patrol giving an estimated time of arrival and:

  • If you are vulnerable or upset aim to be with you within 60 minutes
  • If you are calling about an issue that we have agreed with your community will be a neighbourhood priority and attendance is required, we will aim to be with you within 60 minutes

Pledge 8 - Alternatively, if appropriate, we will make an appointment to see you at a time that fits in with your life and within 48 hours. If agreed that attendance is not necessary we will give you advice, answer your questions and/or put you in touch with someone who can help.

Pledge 9 - We will arrange regular public meetings to agree your priorities at least once a month, giving you a chance to meet your local team with other members of your community. These will include opportunities such as surgeries, street briefings and mobile police station visits which will be arranged to meet local needs and requirements. We will provide monthly updates on progress and on local crime and policing issues. This will include the provision of crime maps, information on specific crimes and what happened to those brought to justice, details of what action we and our partners are taking to make your neighbourhood safer and information on how your force is performing.

Pledge 10 - If you have been the victim of crime agree with you how often you would like to be kept informed of progress in your case and for how long. You have the right to be kept informed at least every month if you wish and for as long as is reasonable.

Pledge 11 - If you have been involved in a road traffic collision that we are investigating we will contact you within 10 working days.

Other languages

The Policing Pledge is also available in the following languages as PDF documents:

More information

For more information, or if you require the pledge in an alternative format such as Braille, please contact the MPS Customer Service Unit:

MPS Customer Service Unit
Room 822
New Scotland Yard

Tel: 020 7230 4737 (Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm)

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