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Report 2 of the 12 May 2011 meeting of the Strategic and Operational Policing Committee, asking for declarations of interest.

Warning: This is archived material and may be out of date. The Metropolitan Police Authority has been replaced by the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (MOPC).

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Membership of functional bodies and borough councils - declarations of interest

Report: 2
Date: 12 May 2011
By: Chief Executive

Member (personal) interest

  • Tony Arbour Member GLA, Member London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, LFEPA
  • Jennette Arnold Member, GLA
  • Reshard Auladin Independent member
  • Faith Boardman Independent member
  • John Biggs Member, GLA
  • Chris Boothman Independent member
  • Victoria Borwick Member GLA, Member Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
  • Valerie Brasse Independent member
  • Cindy Butts Independent member
  • James Cleverly Member GLA, Member LDA, Chair LWRB
  • Dee Doocey Member, GLA
  • Toby Harris Independent member
  • Kirsten Hearn Independent member
  • Neil Johnson Independent member
  • Jenny Jones Member GLA
  • Clive Lawton Independent member
  • Joanne McCartney Member, GLA
  • Kit Malthouse Member, GLA
  • Steve O’Connell Member GLA, Member: LB of Croydon
  • Caroline Pidgeon Member GLA
  • Amanda Sater Independent member
  • Valerie Shawcross Member, GLA
  • Graham Speed Independent member

(Abbreviations: LB - London Borough; GLA – Greater London Authority; LDA – London Development Agency; LFEPA – London Fire and Emergency Services Authority, LWR London Waste and Recycling Board)

A. Recommendation


  1. the list of memberships of functional bodies and London Borough Councils, as set out in the table above, be noted;
  2. the gifts and hospitality received by members, as set out on the Authority’s gifts and hospitality register, be noted; and
  3. all members declare any other personal or personal prejudicial interests in specific items listed on the agenda over and above items listed in the table above and including any interest arising from gifts or hospitality received in the last 3 years or which are not at the time of this meeting reflected on the Authority’s register of gifts and hospitality.

B. Supporting information

1. The above membership of the GLA, Functional Bodies and London Borough Councils are listed for the purposes of public transparency. However, members should note that in accordance with the MPA Code of Conduct, Members must declare any personal interests they have in any item on the agenda or as they arise during the course of the meeting. Members must orally indicate to which item their interest relates.

2. This includes any interests arising from gifts or hospitality which are not at the time of this meeting reflected on the Authority’s register of gifts and hospitality.

3. If you have a personal interest you must also consider whether or not that interest is a prejudicial personal interest and take the necessary action. When considering whether or not you have a declarable interest, you should consult paragraphs 8-12 of the Code.

Advice to members:

4. Although you should consult part 2 of the Code, a personal interest is, generally, one that affects you (individually or a person/body/organisation you have a close connection with) more than other people in London in respect of the item of business under consideration at the meeting. If a member of the public, knowing all the relevant facts, would view your personal interest in the item being considered as so great that it is likely to prejudice your judgement of the public interest, then you have a prejudicial personal interest.

5. The Code of Conduct also specifically requires you, where considering a matter which relates to or is likely to affect a person from whom you have received a gift or hospitality with an estimated value of at least £25 within the previous three years (effective from [date as before], or if appointed after [date as before] from the date appointment to the MPA), to disclose the existence and nature of that interest at any meeting of the Authority which you attend at which that business is considered.

6. The obligation to declare any gift or hospitality at a meeting as a personal interest is discharged, such to the provision set out below, by registering gifts and hospitality received on the Authority’s on-line database. The on-line database may be viewed here

7. If any gift or hospitality received by you is not set out on the on-line database at the time of the meeting, and under consideration is a matter which relates to or is likely to affect a person from whom you have received a gift or hospitality with an estimated value of at least £25, you are required to disclose these at the meeting, either at agenda item 2 or when the interest becomes apparent.

8. It is for you to decide, in light of the particular circumstances, whether an interest arising from the receipt of a gift or hospitality is also a prejudicial personal interest. Where receipt of a gift or hospitality does give rise to a prejudicial interest you must withdraw from the room and not seek to improperly influence any relevant decision.


9. If you have a personal interest you must declare the interest but can stay, speak and vote. If you have a prejudicial personal interest you must declare the interest, you cannot speak or vote on the item and must leave the room.

C. Background papers


D. Contact details

Report author: Nick Baker, MPA

For information contact:

MPA general: 020 7202 0202
Media enquiries: 020 7202 0217/18

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