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London-Wide Race Hate Crime Forum voices concern at rise in attacks on Jewish communities

21 May 2005

Issued on behalf of London-wide Race Hate Crimes Forum by the MPA

The London-wide Race Hate Crime Forum (LRHCF) has expressed deep concern at the increase in the number of racially motivated Anti-Semitic attacks over the last year. 532 separate incidents have been recorded which the highest in a single year since records began 20 years ago.

Peter Herbert, Chair of the LRHCF, said:

“The behaviour of those guilty for bringing the latest appalling assault on the Jewish community at the West Ham cemetery must be brought to justice. We urge anyone with information to come forward so that those responsible will be apprehended and brought to justice.

“The Forum is aware that a similar attack took place recently in Manchester and requests that an investigation is undertaken to ascertain if this latest incident is coincidence or is in fact the start of a deliberate and organised campaign to bring pain and misery to the Jewish community.

“The work of the London-wide LRHCF, in its first full year of business, has focused on raising the profile and effects of race hate crime in London. In a multi-cultural city such as ours there should be no hiding place for perpetrators of such crimes.
One possible approach to tackle this heinous crime might be to make the perpetrators write a letter of apology to all the victims’ families.

“The LRHCF will continue in its work to support the Metropolitan Police Service and local boroughs to ensure there are clear multi-agency strategies in place to tackle those guilty of such behaviour. The Forum also wants to encourage community cohesion by having in place effective and publicised responses to such behaviours. Statutory agencies have a responsibility to all citizens to ensure their safety and to reduce victimisation and fear of crime.”

The Forum is proposing to host a conference with an international panel of delegates to explore race and other hate crimes around the world. The conference will engage a number of high-level individuals working in this field and present an international response to such crimes from different agencies and national perspectives including police, judiciary and communities. The Forum will seek to share the learning in its on-going work to tackle this issue London-wide.

Notes to editors

1. The London-wide Race Hate Crime Forum aims to improve the co-ordination between the key agencies responsible for dealing with victims of race hate crime and to improve the effectiveness with which perpetrators of race hate crimes are brought to justice. Its overall purpose is to help reduce and prevent race hate crimes, improve the confidence and satisfaction of victims in reporting crimes, and to promote consistent service across London.

2. Further details about the format of the London-wide Race Hate Crime Forum meetings with boroughs are available at:

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