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Warning: This is archived material and may be out of date. The Metropolitan Police Authority has been replaced by the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (MOPC).

See the MOPC website for further information.

Project summary - Town centre policing

Met Streets imageProject name: Town centre policing

MPA Lead officer: Jane Owen

Met Forward work strand: Met Streets

Project summary

The MPS will have in place 32 town centre teams by 2011 to; increase public protection; reduce crime; increase confidence and encourage partnership working to deliver safer town centres.

The MPA will oversee and scrutinise the development of the town centre policing model to ensure it is making a tangible impact - reducing crime, increasing confidence particularly among the business community and offering real value for money.

Project objectives

The MPA will establish a performance oversight framework that:

  • ensures the town centre teams are meeting agreed performance targets;
  • highlights failures in performance and ensure that the MPS addresses performance failures; and
  • identifies areas for improvement and ensure the MPS works to deliver improvements in those areas.

Correctly delivered by the MPS this work should contribute to the delivery of the three key outcomes of Met Forward – fight crime and reduce criminality, increase confidence in policing and give us better value for money.

Authority’s role to deliver work strand

MPA members through the committee process will hold and MPS to account for the delivery and results achieved by Town Centre Teams. The MPA will in partnership with the MPS develop a performance framework which will enable us to judge success over a period of time. Where there is poor performance the MPA will work with the MPS to ensure improvements are made.

The MPA will also use information from boroughs, gathered through our attendance at Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership meetings, Community and Police Engagement Groups and feedback from members to inform progress and impact of town centre policing.

What will success look like?

By 2011, 32 town centre police teams will be in place. They will be working with local partners and communities to reduce crime and criminality, improving confidence and delivery value for money. The MPA will regularly monitor performance at the Strategic and Operational Policing Committee and where areas of improvement are identified the MPS works to address those.

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