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This section contains all letters and statements

Warning: This is archived material and may be out of date. The Metropolitan Police Authority has been replaced by the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (MOPC).

See the MOPC website for further information.

Letters and statements


03-Jan-12: MPA Statement: Lawrence verdict


21-Dec-11: MPA Statement: MPA welcomes announcement of new Deputy Commissioner

21-Nov-11: MPA Statement: Kit Malthouse commends outstanding bravery of officers injured in Harrow incident

08-Nov-11: Deputy Commissioner Tim Godwin to retire

03-Oct-11: MPA statement: Public statement in relation to AC Yates

14-Sep-11: MPA statement: Assistant Commissioner Ian McPherson

13-Sep-11: MPA statement: Babar Ahmad report

08-Aug-11: MPA statement: London looting and rioting

27-Jul-11: MPA and Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson joint statement

16-May-11: MPA Statement: Ali Dizaei appeal

03-May-11: Verdict of unlawful killing returned at the Ian Tomlinson Inquest

30-Mar-11: MPA Statement: TUC March Saturday 26 March 2011: chair of the MPA responds

17-Feb-11: MPA Statement: MPA Safer Neighbourhoods scrutiny


01-Dec-10: MPA Statement: Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill - Chair of MPA responds

26-Jul-10: MPA Statement: MPA response to Home Office White Paper on police reform

22-Jul-10a: MPA Statement: CPS decision not to bring charges against police officers in relation to the death of Ian Tomlinson

22-Jul-10: MPA Statement: MPA Chief Executive responds to Ken Livingstone’s petition to the Metropolitan Police Authority

22-Jun-10: Letter from MPA Chief Executive responding to MPS Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson’s letter of 25 May 2010

25-May-10: Letter from Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson regarding performance related pay

20-Jan-10: MPA Statement: IPCC report of the investigation into the Worboys case


26-Nov-09: Statement - Response to HMIC report on Policing public protest

09-Oct-09: Statement -  Response to HMIC Policing Pledge inspection results

04-Sep-09: Statement  - Response to Vice Chair Kit Malthouse Guardian interview

06-Aug-09: Statement - Response to publication of IPCC investigation into a complaint regarding G20 policing operation

23-Jul-09: Statement - Response to complaint against MPA Chief Executive

09-Jul-09: Statement - MPA Civil Liberties Panel inaugural meeting

07-Jul-09: Statement - in response to publication of HMIC interim report on the G20 policing operation

10-Jun-09: Statement: in response to allegations against officers in Enfield

06 May 09: Statement - by Kit Malthouse, MPA Vice Chair, HMIC inspection of Westminster BCU

17 Apr 09: Statement - by Boris Johnson, Chair of the MPA - Death of PC Gary Toms

08 Apr 09: Statement - by Kit Malthouse, MPA Vice Chair, regarding the IPCC investigation concerning the death of Ian Tomlinson.

07 Apr 09: Statement - Race and Faith Inquiry update from Cindy Butts

02 Apr 09: Statement - by Kit Malthouse, MPA Vice Chair, about MPA independent review of Icelandic Investments

30 Mar 09: Statement removed

26 Mar 09: Statement - following Reid conviction

20 Mar 09: Media update - MPS use of Tasers

04 Mar 09: Letter - response from MPA Chief Executive to MPA Vice Chair regarding KPMG review of Icelandic Investments

02 Mar 09: Letter - from MPA Vice Chair to MPA Chief Executive regarding KPMG review of Icelandic Investments

25 Feb 09: Media update - Macpherson Inquiry report 10 years on

22 Feb 09: Media update - ACPO bonus payments

21 Feb 09: Media update - Race & Faith Inquiry

20 Feb 09: Media update - Estate improvement programme


24 Jul 08: Letter - reply to Yasmin Khan

23 Jul 08: Letter - from Yasmin Khan to Len Duvall, Jeanette Arnold, Dee Doocey and Faith Boardman

30 Apr 08: Statement - by Len Duvall in response to Andrew Gilligan Evening Standard column 30 April 2008


06 Aug 07: Letter - from MPA to Anne Tapsell, Chair, CPCG Lambeth, regarding her letter to the Evening Standard about the Stockwell 2 Report

04 Aug 07: Letter - from MPA to the Editor of the Guardian newspaper


29 Nov 06: Letter - from Deputy Commissioner to MPA Chair, following a review of the decision not to deploy a diplomatic protection officer to the Israeli embassy

04 Aug 06: Letter - from MPA to Attorney General about health and safety prosecution of MPS

27 Jul 06: Statement - by Len Duvall on the role of military personnel seconded to MPS Specialist Operations

26 Apr 06: Letter - from Deputy Commissioner to Chair of MPA regarding extraordinary rendition


29 Sep 05: Statement  - by Len Duvall, Chair of MPA, regarding Lord Stevens and Operation Kratos

Stockwell incident letters - IPCC investigation

08 Jul 05: Statement - by Len Duvall, Chair MPA, following the London bombings

03 Jun 05: Statement by Len Duvall, Chair MPA, on the latest development in the Harry Stanley case

11 Mar 05: Statement - MPA Chair responds to email about the Commissioner's communication strategy

03 Mar 05: Statement - Employment Tribunal ruling, claim of discrimination


11 Oct 04: Statement: Employment Tribunal, claim of discrimination

08 Oct 04: Statement: regarding allegations of racism

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